Saturday, August 13, 2011


So, Last night Mommy and Emma got to have a skin to skin hold, and as soon as they set Em into my arms she latched onto my nipple and started sucking! So they talked to her doctor this morning, and Emma is now allowed to breast feed once every 12 hours! So during our hold today, Em would suck off and on, and then take a break, then she sucked for 7minutes straight, took a break, off and on, and then 5minutes straight! She did sooooo well! The lactation nurse was shocked on how well she did! That's a HUUUUGE step for Em. That's one of the only things keeping her coming home. She has to weight so much, and then be able to suck breath and swallow, which had absolutely no problem doing! Such a big girl!!

Speaking of weight gain, Our little Princess is now up to 3pounds, 14 ounces again!! Shes gaining weight like crazy! Maybe the whole "3week" stay will get bumped down. She's already been here a week.. so I'm hoping maybe next weekend she will get to come home with me?! That would be amazing! Mommy needs to get back into work and everything anyways!

Grandma and grandpa are going to come out tonight and visit with Em. Grandpa hasn't seen the new hospital yet, due to all of the work that needed to be done on Mom's shop! So it will be nice for him to be able to see her not hooked up to all of the machines! ((: Okay, well its nap time for Em AND mommy! (:

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