Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another day of progress!

Emma's daddy(not father) left for his first set of two weeks on the ship last night! But before leaving, he got to skype with us and see mommy change her diaper, and get her hair washed, and fed and what not. And then it may seem unreal, but, she was sleeping in my arms, and heard his voice, and I swear, she recognized him. She got a big huge grin on her face and woke up from out of a dead sleep. We're hoping to maintain at least a skype date every couple of weeks so that Em can hear his voice. She won't understand where its coming from, but it cant hurt to keep her familiar with him, until he's home again!

Last night after my post, my mother came out to the hospital, and got to hold Miss Emma for the first time (: Em pretty much just stared at her grandma for the majority of the time, while she babbled on about everything under the sun! They increased her feeds to 12 CCs last night, and Emma was having a little bit of trouble digesting it all. This morning when they went to feed her again, she had digested all of her milk, so they bumped her feeds up to 16 CCs already! 

They came in to do her labs in the middle of the night last night and Em was not too happy about it, but then again, who likes being stuck in the foot a million times for blood? Mommy had to get up and help the lab guy because she wouldn't stay still for him. She was a fussy little one. The nurse placed her right onto her stomach, and Em slept the rest of the night away without any issues! Every three hours mommy got up and pumped, and she got fed the fresh milk and the remaining of it gets put into the freezer!

Em's jaundice level went from 12, to 9 over night. The doctor said that by tomorrow morning she shouldn't have to be under the blue lights anymore. Which would be a huge relief for us- (More snuggle, cuddling time for mommy and grandma!!) When she gets taken off of the lights, they will also start putting her into baby clothes! No more naked baby (: Aunt Chelsey is working on making her some hair bows so that our little princess can be even cuter.(if that's even possible)

The nurse today let me get Em out of the lights for about half an hour for a skin to skin hold. She literally had my take off my shirt and bra, and laid Em right between my two "breasts" and then covered her with a blanket. She kinda just stared at me for about 15 minutes of the time while I talked to her and then she fell asleep for the remaining amount of time. 

Mommy has a newborn CPR class this afternoon from 6-9. I am now pumping up to 70mls of milk for miss Emma. I think I'm going to look into a donation bank in Columbus for breast milk. There are a lot of mothers who cannot produce milk, and with the way my body is making it, I feel like I should share it with other sick babies at Children's hospital!

Other than that, there are not any other updates so far today with Miss Emma. As always, here are some more pictures of Miss Emma from last night&&today. I plan on uploading new pictures every day so that everyone sees how well she is doing!! (:

Emma under her lights!

Grandma's first time holding
Miss Emma Ann <3

Emma during our skin to
skin hold today (:

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