Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baby Girl..

Grandma and Grandpa came out to visit Em this afternoon and brought her newborn clothes with them (: So we got her all dressed up in an outfit that Great Grandma Gail got her (: And its absolutely adorable! Then it was time for mommy to pump, so grandma and grandpa went down to get a cup of coffee, and when they came back, we surprised grandma and told her she got to give Em her FIRST bottle!! Grandma was thrilled!! And Em did very good for her age! She drank about 10CCs out of her 30CCs. So the remaining 20 went into her feeding tube. But shes making more progress every single day, and she will be ready to come home in no time (:

A specialist came in today and did a few "tests" with Em. They held her up to see if she would put any weight onto her feet, and she did. They did a test to see if she could lift and move her head. Baby girl couldn't lift it, but she was moving it around and everything. They said shes doing really well for being so young and shes really mature for her age! So that's a plus too!! (:

The outfit Great Grandma
got for Miss Em!
Holding her own pacy (:

Em's first bottle.
grandma has better pics
so I'll get those uploaded
Grandpa actually played
with Em a little (:
Soft old man! 

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