Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby girl

Em is now breast feeding once every twelve hours, and bottle feeding every feeding that shes wide awake for. During her feedings yesterday, Em took 21 CC's from her bottle! That is absolutely amazing!! When she nurses, she gets all of the milk she gets out and then they still give her the full amount down her feeding tube.Last night after one of Em's meals, she had a hard time breathing, and they had to keep coming in and checking on her, since the monitors kept going off. It happened for about 2 hours. They positioned her onto her stomach, and so far it hasn't happened yet today. So we're hoping its a one time thing!

The doctors still haven't given us a heads up on when she will get to go home, but they are all happy about the fact that she gained weight! She is up to 3 pounds, 15 ounces! JUST ONE MORE OUNCE AND SHE WILL WEIGH 4 POUNDS!! Mommy is so ready to hit the point where baby girl can home and spend time with her family all at once, instead of a limited amount of people in the hospital room.

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