Thursday, August 11, 2011

Loads of progress..

The doctors made their rounds this morning and stopped in to see Emma. They had all good news to tell me! (: Emma is now feeding at 20 CCs and they are taking her off of her lipids (one of the things that are attached to her IV) And if she does well with the food increase and the stopping of the lipids, they may take her off of her IV completely tomorrow night!! And if it falls out tonight, they wont have to give her another IV is what the nurses are hoping for!! Great news! Mommy hates seeing the IV in her arms, or legs, or head! It'll be nice just to be able to hold her without having to worry about the IV coming out and if they're gonna have to put a new one in. They also took Em off of her jaundice lights, so we got to see Emma's pretty little eyes all day today (:

Mommy's friend Lairmore made her first appearance this morning and spent an hour or so with Miss Em and I! Em's biological father also made a trip out and managed to do everything possible to annoy mommy. Go figure ;) Grandma came out to the hospital today and got to hold her for about an hour and a half! She only woke up once the entire time when mommy had to check her temperature!

Grandma stepped out of the room to talk to Em's biological grandfather and mommy got her hold me time (: When grandma came back, I was pumping so she got recruited into changing Em's diaper. 1)it was the most poop I have ever seen a baby have in my life. 2) I remember mom stating that at least shes not a boy and she wont pee on anymore. Wanna guess what Em did? yep!! Emma peed on grandma (: It gave mommy a few giggles! My precious girl!

Em was full of energy
and smiles this morning!
Before they took off her
glasses and lights! She hugged
her little mommy doll (:

Sucking on her passy!

Shes so stubborn like her mommy!

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