Sunday, August 14, 2011

Miss Em slept through her labs once again tonight. That makes 4 nights in a row of a good quiet sleeping baby! She got bottle fed this morning and again and did pretty well! They increased her feeds to 34 CCs. More and More every day to make the baby girl fat! She's still weighing at 3pounds, 14ounces but she has some time to grow! Mommy can't rush everything! We got baby girl all dressed up into a onesie, however, she did not like me putting it over her head. And we put a sleeper over top of it to make sure she's nice and warm when she comes out for bottle feedings or breast feedings! Other than that, there aren't many updates so far this morning!! (:

Em's little onesie.
You can tell her momma
picked it out (:
Baby girl all dressed and awake (:

Playing with mommy's finger!

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