Friday, August 12, 2011

Pretty Girl ((:

Miss Emma had her first sponge bath this morning. She was not too happy about it though. The nurse, Gail, was a lot more rough with her than what Miss Cindy is(our regular nurse) and Em does not seem to like Gail, at all. They bumped up her feeds to 26 CCs and shes still taking it all in and digesting it amazingly well. They did say that if Em is wide awake when they are getting ready to feed her, that I could try to breast feed directly. Of course I was thrilled to hear that and got super excited. And every time they went to feed her today, Em was knocked out cold. lol. That's my luck!!

Em still has no IV, and we're all hoping it stays out for good now. The dr was in today and estimated that Em may be here another 3 weeks. Mommy is gonna be living in this hospital for over a month. Lucky Lucky me. (:  The male doctor mentioned that he could remove the skin tag that's on Em's right here. You pretty much just put a little teeny tiny rubber band around it and it changes colors and falls off. My compared it to a male dog's testicles. I compared it to docking a dog's tale. The nurse had a much better way of describing it. Its more like the same thing you do with the baby's umbilical cord..

Other than that, there really were no changes with miss em today. Shes doing great.. we just have to wait for her to gain some weight so that she can come home!! <3

My beautiful baby girl
during one of our
many holds today.
And this is how she looked
the remaining of the day,
all day. 

precious little thing fell asleep
with her pacifier.

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