Monday, August 15, 2011

Miss Emma

Em breast fed and bottle fed for every single feeding yesterday! She didn't finish her bottles but she got down anywhere from 5 CCs to 15 CCs. And then when we breast fed this morning she sucked continually for about 25 minutes, and still took down her 34 CCs through her feeding tube! She's getting sooo big and strong that its amazing! I have a huge feeling that baby girl will be going home NEXT WEEK! The nurse said for her to be able to go home, she has to finish her bottles for a whole day, and then they'll take out the feeding tube, and she'll have to finish her bottles/breast feed for 2 days and be gaining weight both days! But with as well as she's doing now, I don't think that's going to be a very long time. She does prefer to breast feed over bottle feed.. So we're gonna have to see how that goes.

I was talking to the nurse about how when we went home, I have dogs at mom's house and Tasha at our apartment. The nurse told me to bring in a blanket and wrap Em up in it, and bring it home for the dogs to smell. She said to do this a few times before we brought her home that way they know Em's scent and they're somewhat aware of her. Em was also digging into her face with her nails for the past two days and trying to pull out her feed tube, so the nurse and I got some socks and put them over her hands (: No more digging!!

After a breast feed!
I think she wanted
more food at this
time (:
She's always playing
with her hands!

one bottle from
yesterday (:

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