Thursday, August 11, 2011

Midnight post!

Mommy was going to try to sleep through one pump time and catch up on some sleep. Em decided she didn't want that! I woke up to her half way off of her pillow thing and the nurse had to come in and help me get her back in the center of her bed! And then we noticed she had a puffy hand, and the IV had gotten lose. So the nurse took out her IV. Which by the way--Miss Cindy is our nurse tonight and she is absolutely amazing!!  AND GUESS WHAT!! We got to leave the IV out for good!  (: Shes now on 22CCs of my milk! So the only thing my baby girl has going on, is the feeding tube(which is only there to help her gain weight so shes not using all of her energy trying to eat from me) and her monitors. Plus, we got to put her into her first outfit!! And she looks so adorable! MY BIG GIRL!! <3

Em's first outfit!
Mommy snuck a kiss!

IV free girl!!

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